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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ready for Ireland?

Last Saturday I rode in my final brevet before heading for Ireland to attempt my 2nd 1200K. The NJ 400K started in Bergen County, close to the NY state border and we made our way into the Catskills. We had fantastic weather, although it did get into the mid 80's making some of the smaller climbs in the afternoon, a bit uncomfortable. We started put with a very small group of 15 riders, and I spent most of my day riding with 3 other people, on and off throughout the ride. I had met Chris Errico earlier this year during the NJ 200K, a newbie & a young rider, but also a very strong rider, although it was hard to tell that day on a basically flat ride. I had enjoyed riding with Chris, and we rode most of last Saturday together, only because he chose to wait a few times at some of the controls. I was happy to see him at our final control, as we rode those final 60 miles together, back through Harriman State Park, and other winding roads. I felt comfortable all day, and as I sit here watching the World Cup, Italy v England, I feel ready & excited for the challenges, new experiences & people that I will meet next week in Ireland. Unlike 3 years ago, when I attempted my first 1200, I have more miles under my belt, and a different attitude, and I feel a lot more relaxed. Kind of like most things in life as we "mature". Whatever happens, I am ready to have fun, and as Jerry say's, "May the four winds blow you home again"

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